Shine with Daisy

Hello everyone

I’m Daisy.

Welcome to Shine Like Sunbeams. I chose this name for my blog for two reasons – firstly, this Roald Dahl quote (because I REALLY love giraffes) :


Next, and most importantly, I really do want you to have good thoughts and that’s the ethos of this blog really – helping you to help yourself to a better way of thinking.

I don’t have all the answers, hell I don’t even know what half the questions are! But through the years, I have developed and discovered some great strategies towards positive thinking and here is where I will share them all!

Motivating, inspiring, and supporting others to be liberated from the harmful self-derision perpetuated as a necessity of the ever-capitalist beauty industry, at the expense of collective societal happiness.
You can also find me here and follow me on Twitter : @shinesunbeams – come along and say hello, I do love a good chat!






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